Our Purpose

Our mission and our sole mantra is to supply the food industry with the smartest, most efficient, and most cost-effective packaging solutions available. We combine an unparalleled knowledge of highly sophisticated food preservation processes with a proven track record for creating the right type of flexible packaging applications. We match the complex needs of our customers with the unique strengths or our suppliers, which is why … the best in the business use Norstar!

As partners in innovation, we focus on building long-term relationships, many of which date back to the very creation of our business in 1988. Our suppliers value the approachability and professionalism we offer and respect the history we share with them and others. Our customers appreciate the value we provide through our hands-on, technical experience, our custom solutions, and our extensive distribution network. Over the years, our focus has never strayed far from the meat, poultry, and dairy industries, and we have earned our reputation as an exception source of both packaging and packaging expertise.

Given today's demanding lifestyles, packaging is not a luxury but the most basic necessity, vital to ensuring the highest standards of food safety. At Norstar, we push ourselves further, striving to use packaging materials more intelligently and reducing their impact on the natural environment. Consequently, we encourage both suppliers and customers to consider sustainable alternatives, such as recyclable, biodegradable and lightweight materials.