What We Do

Norstar Corporation maintains the largest in-house inventory of food-grade polyethylene products in Canada. Because we focus on the packaging needs of the meat, poultry, and dairy industries, we can respond quickly to the needs of our customers, who will be sure to find stock sizes and tolerances that are very close – if not identical – to their individual specifications or applications. Our customers have come to prize this responsiveness and convenience as much as they appreciate the cost savings we can offer as a result of our exceptional, long-term supplier relationships.

We're also known for our custom solutions, which we develop using our deep knowledge of meat packing practices and industry standards, and our ability to access expert technical support from the manufacturers we represent. A coast-to-coast network of sub-distributors allows us to leverage local expertise into national service, and we share this knowledge at extensive distributor training sessions, where you access consistent, informed solutions no matter how widespread your food processing locations or our supply sources may be.

In everything we do, we aim for the best. Ahead of legislation, we operate our warehouse according to the strictest HACCP principles, based on the Canadian Food Safety Enhancement Program. We believe in complete customer service and satisfaction, which we provide by any means necessary. At Norstar, our customers experience on a daily basis that when it comes down to their business.