Norstar has partnered with Sonoco to bring customers a leading range of environmentally responsible rigid packaging materials. Established in 1969, Sonoco produces a wide range of unique thermoformed containers to package an extensive variety of foods, from produce, baked goods, cheese and deli items to candy and meal kits. With a reputation for innovation, Sonoco is changing the way packaging is made and utilized, leading the way towards earth-friendly solutions with positive environmental impacts.

Sonoco’s EarthClear™ line offers sustainable environmental options in a variety of packaging materials. These easy-to-use eco-solutions are just as strong as existing packaging solutions, and offer similar machinability to traditional structures. Sonoco produces EarthClear™ Thermoformed Containers from Polylactic Acid (PLA) and Polyester (PET), and the company is one of the largest extruders and thermoformers of PLA in the world.