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24/7 360 Response Team

At Norstar, value starts here

Norstar Emergency Response 24-7

Our Commitment is our Promise to you. Any time to any place.  24/7 360 EMERGENCY Order Response.  This is our Commitment GUARANTEED!

...and it's actually a rather simple, no nonsense commitment and really not that complicated at all.

We're here to do our very best to respond to your EMERGENCY production requirements...Regardless of the reason for the situation in the first place!

We will use our years of experience, our determination and our strengths as one of Canada's most reliable food packaging suppliers, to get your firm back running as quickly as possible, to an acceptable level of production, because simply that's what this straight forward promise is all about!

Our 24/7 360 RESPONSE TEAM is fully prepared to react to your problems, regardless of the reason or cause of it and give you the immediate attention that you need and of course, always deserve.... PERIOD!


"We are able to ship to you from any one of our warehouses across Canada by being part of our Toronto 24/7/360 order response program."

Emergency Response Email:


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